Friday, 18 September 2009

The Wonders of Digital Dictation

Recently I was given access to a wonderful web server that facilitates the transfering of digital voice files to either a single, or pool of typists. They can then transcribe the documents using specialized software on their computers, and at a click of a couple of buttons the document is returned to the originator.

For those that still use analogue tapes or who e-mail or courier digital files to their transcriptionists the speed and ease of these web based services is now so advanced while remaining user friendly is amazing.
Depending on the how the web server is set up, it can allow you the ability to access your reports anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.

If for instance, you are called to an emergency at 2 in the morning, depending on where you and your typist are based, you could dictate and upload your file to the server and potentially have the report back on your desk when you get to the office in the morning.

If you are still using an analogue recorder, the option of moving to digital may seem exorbitant, but the amount of ease that it will allow for you and your transcriptionist to work will make the outlay pay for itself in no time at all. Also, factor in the cost of having to have two machines serviced, the costs of replacing the tapes (which ideally should be done yearly) and the potential that you may need to replace one or other of the two machines involved in the process (either your dictaphone or else the transcription unit) and really there is no comparison.

If you're still unsure about moving to digital, contact one of the many companies that offers digital transcription using a web based server and see how easy the whole process can be.

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