Monday, 2 November 2009

How to Manage your Outlook Inbox with Rules

If you're finding that your inbox is becoming too cluttered and you're struggling to find your important emails then you really need to set up rules to help you manage them.

Setting up rules in Outlook is very easy, quick and will work on all the existing messages that you have already in your inbox.

There are some very simple easy steps that you need to take to set up rules:
  1. Go to Tools, Rules and Alerts,
  2. This will then open up another dialogue box where you select the various options to manage your messages. You can select it to work on a certain email address, a certain person or with certain words in the subject or sender email address.
  3. Once there you select where you want to move the emails to, you can create a new folder from here as well.
  4. Once you've set up all the rules you need/want, if you click Run Rules Now, and this will process all of the existing emails in your inbox.
  5. Once complete click OK and all future emails will be sorted out according to the rules you've created.

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