Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween is Almost Upon Us

Firstly, to all my American clients I would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween for Sunday, and not forgetting All Saint's Day on Monday, which should go hand in hand.
As we all know Halloween is celebrated by children who get to dress up deliberately to scare  themselves and their friends and go trick or treating for sweets and other goodies to eat and for most children this is where Halloween ends.
While once upon a time the idea of trick or treating alone may have been a good idea, in today's modern world, unfortunately we need to provide some protection to our children.
Some sensible tips when choosing you're child's costume are as follows:
  • Make sure that the mask is not going to restrict the child's breathing.
  • Make sure that the costume is not so long or tight that they can't move quickly and safely if the really need to.
  • Ensure that they can see clearly, as due to the excitement of trick or treating they may forget to look when crossing the road.
  • Remember to make sure that they are visible to traffic, especially if you happen to live in the Northern Hemispheree where it's starting to get dark earlier.
  • And if you ask me, the most important one, make sure that a responsible adult is either in tow or nearby to keep an eye on the children and ensure their safety, even if it is just from cars and barking dogs.
If you happen to be driving on Halloween please also play your part and keep a look out for children who have lost their road sense for the night.
All that being said there are plenty of people who don't celebrate Halloween and they should be allowed to have their views respected. If you know of someone in your area that doesn't celebrate Halloween encourage your children to leave them out of their trick or treating route and everyone can be happy.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the holiday. My friend and I agreed that the scariest character we saw was a young blonde woman, dressed as a cheerleader. she looked so perky and cheerful on Halloween it was just wrong:-)