Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Freedom Day in South Africa

In South Africa today is a very important day in history. 17 years ago today we as South African's united and voted in the first True, Free and Democratic elections. You would think 17 years down the line a lot had changed. Unfortunately this is not the case. In fact if anything things are a little worse.

While the number of people living in poverty and shacks may be slowly decreasing, and that is way to slow, we still have people using drop toilets etc which is a scary and sad fact. What's more concerning is the number of youth that have no idea why we celebrate today and what its significance is. This saddens me as the likes of Tata Nelson Mandela gave up 27 years of his adult life in a struggle for which these youth now take for granted.

WE need to remember the importance of Freedom Day, as well as the majority of our other public holidays that are related to our history.

Nonetheless I hope you all had a very happy Freedom Day if you are in South Africa, and hope you have a good Worker's Day on Monday.

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