Friday, 29 January 2010

Making a Plan

OK, so your wish is ready, it’s presentable and is something you’re committed too, now’s the time to start making the plan to achieve it.

Brainstorm your plan in a similar way to how you brainstormed your wish. Write “What steps do I need to take to ______?” at the top of the paper and then keep asking yourself the question and writing the answers down until you have exhausted all ideas. Now take the steps and if necessary break them down into smaller steps. This will help make your goals seem more appealing and be much easier for you to achieve them.

Remember the deadlines otherwise your plan and wish are meaningless. Remember though that the deadlines need to be reasonable. One your deadlines are set then you need to set milestones so that you know how well you are doing meeting the target of making your wish come true.

OK, now move all of the information to your daily calendar so that you can schedule the work in. If you know your deadlines and goals, it’s easier to make a firm commitment to them and set the plan in motion.

Now that we’re making progress, identify your limiting factors and identify the way to work through them.

The next step is to schedule the progress report. You don’t have targets and deadlines at work without having to report on their progress so why allow it to affect your wishes. Some of the questions to ask yourself include:

1. Have I met the milestones I planned to meet since my last progress report?

2. Do I need to change my plan to reach my milestones?

3. Do I need to change my milestones?

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