Monday, 25 January 2010

Making Your Wish

Just like the genie in the lamp, every person has the ability to make their wish come true. All they need to do is decide on what you really want and then wish for it, just as you would if the genie in the lamp was giving you the wish. Do you find yourself drifting from week to week wondering why other people seem to have it so together and you don’t. If so, then the only thing you need to think about how you are making, or perhaps not making, your wishes.

Now you’ve decided that you want to make your wishes come true, you need to decide what it is you really want. A great way to achieve this is by brainstorming. Not the sitting round the table with a bunch of colleagues trying to come up with ideas but rather try a different approach. Write your question down on the top of a blank piece of paper, and let your subconscious mind take over.

What ever comes into your head, write down on the paper no matter how strange, odd, or weird you may think it is.

Once you’re ready to start set a time limit and keep writing for that period of time, whether it only is a minute or whether it be 10 minutes. Don’t stop writing down your thoughts until the time is up.

Don’t critique any of your ideas right now, just write them down. Your subconscious brain accepts criticism as badly as most people do.

Here is a great question to start your first brainstorming session:

What would I really want from life if I were absolutely, positively certain I would get it?

OK, now you’re ready. Go brainstorm, don’t worry about how you’ll accomplish everything on your list just write them all down. You can worry about the “how” later.

OK, so now write for at least 2 minutes. You can break the question down into areas for work, home life, hobbies etc. If you struggle to keep writing for 2 minutes, just change the answers down, changing a word here or there, or reordering the answer, but whatever happens don’t stop writing until the 2 minutes are up. If you’re still full of ideas after 2 minutes feel free to keep writing.

Once you’ve brainstormed you now need to prioritize what you have written down. A great way to do this is to number each item on the list. Now taking just the first two decide which is more important to you. Now compare the First Choice and compare it to number 3. If your First Choice changes so be it. Continue down the list one idea at a time until you get to the end and have your First Choice.

Now you need to find your purpose. If you don’t think you have one, you’re wrong! Even if there is nothing else, then your purpose is to find your purpose.

Now you’ve decided on your First Choice, identified your purpose, the only think left is to pay the price. Whether it is a figurative or real price you need to pay it to set your cause and effect in motion.

Now to make your wish presentable. Write it down, but be specific. Set yourself a time limit to meet the goal, and remember to make sure that it’s reachable. Only wish for what you can control, don’t wish for something that you have no control over or it won’t come true. Make sure that what you’re wishing for is what you really want, not something you don’t want. Make the wish emotional, start with something like “I choose”. Add the emotion to it, be brief and believe in it. The lastly take action to make it happen.

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