Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Backup, backup, backup!

Its a common refrain when there is a problem with a computer or smartphone these days. People are always saying they meant to backup but were busy.

While everyone gets busy if you run your own business then ensuring that you backup regularly is not only a good idea but absolutely essential. You need to be able to access your client files in the event of a computer crash, or even because of Mother Nature, be it storm, flood, fire or anything else.

I regularly back up to the cloud as for me that is the easiest. I have it set to back up automatically. That said if your backup is automatic you do need to check on a regular basis that it is in fact backing up what it is meant to be backing up. This applies not only to the cloud but also if you use conventional media. Computers are like children! You can't just set it and leave it alone to get on with it, you do need to check back regularly to make sure that everything is happening as needed.

It is down to you whether you back up to the cloud, conventional media (an external hard drive, etc), or whether you back up to both. What ever you decide is best for your business then just remember to ensure that they are actually doing what you want them to do and backing up what you want.

My choice was the cloud as I can access my files from my smartphone so even if I am out of the office I am able to help my clients out if they need something urgently. From that point the cloud works great for my business. I will however be investing in an external hard drive this year to have a second back up as you can never be too careful.

So the all important question now is when did you last backup your computer?

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  1. Phew! I'm one of those people who really need to start doing back-up more regularly. I've been meaning to do it, but I don't, which is sooo BAD! Thank you for the reminder.