Friday, 17 January 2014

Be The Business

How often have you phoned a company for assistance and because of the poor response you got from them never used them.

This happened to me a couple of years back. I urgently needed to have a security gate replaced just before Christmas. I phoned the supposed best provider in my area. There response was that the factory had closed and therefore there was no point sending out one of their guys to look at my requirements until after the New Year.

This was most definitely not the answer I wanted to hear. Having just suffered a burglary and having young children in the house with a husband that often works late at night I wanted safety and security and I wanted it now, now in four to six weeks time.

The upshot was that when they phoned me in the New Year to make an appointment they had lost their client as I had gone to another other provider who understood my concerns and was willing to assist me despite it being a week before Christmas.

How many of us have done a similar thing to potential clients and as such lost not only that particular client but also other potential clients due to word of mouth.

Whether you are the owner or an employee the client really should be king. Treating clients badly is never a good idea, even employees need to remember this as without the clients there is no need for them.

What potential client have you helped today?

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  1. I hear you. I onc had a client who needed a web site going live at the beginning of February, and we were just about to close down for Christmas. Her campaign was starting then, so having a live site was not a negotiable thing for her. so Christmas was postponed in the Senne household, and when she came back in the middle of January, we had a test site and by the time their campaign launched, we were confident the site would work. I do believe in work/life balance, and in this client's particular instance, I really had to improvise. So Mma and family came over to my house to visit for the holidays, instead of my taking my usual break, and they got my household ready for Christmas while I worked. I got the best of both worlds that way.