Monday, 20 January 2014


There are so many different types of challenges when running a business.

There are the easy (well relatively) challenges like the blog challenge that I am currently participating in. It challenges me to write two blog posts a week, which I have managed so far (but I will give you that we are only in week three).

Then there are the challenges of the actual business and family.

My daughters are all back at school now which is great, but brings a bunch of challenges with it. They are at two different schools but have three different finishing times. Then you need to add the after school activities. My eldest is easy as her sport starts straight after school, wonderful from a working mom point of view. My middle daughter however has a break between when school finishes and the activities that she has chosen start. So its fetch her, bring her home, get her changed and fed, and then back to school again to do sport. Fortunately my youngest doesn't have any after school activities at this stage because I'm not sure I could fit any more into the schedule.

I then help out at the school my eldest two go to for a couple of hours on a Wednesday and Friday morning, and once a month in the morning at my local hospital. As well as all of this I run the house and have to ensure clean clothes and food on the table three times a day.

Then of course, around all of this there are the challenges of actually running my business and meeting the deadlines of my clients. I am fortunate in that my clients are very understanding but I still work hard to ensure that work is not returned late.

And as you can see there is a very good reason why I don't seem to be able to keep normal working hours.

However, I am no super woman and there are things that do slip through the cracks when everything gets hectic. That said, I thoroughly enjoy everything that I do and wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. Wow! Sounds like a hectic schedule, Trish. I always marvel when I hear how other women cope with multiple roles of parent, wife, volunteer, taxi driver, cook, housekeeper etc.

  2. Great blog post! Shows everyone that you can build a business around your own life. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks Susan, it sure isn't easy but it certainly is do-able. My advice to anyone is if you want to do it then get on and do it. If your job or life is not how you want it to be then change something! :)

  4. Sjoe Trish it definitely is hard! It gets easier (a bit) as the kids get older .. or I might just be deluding myself. LOL

  5. It just proves that if you put your mind to it and with no excuses you can do anything!